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Minutes from 4-23-2012

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Minutes Action Items
June 18th date set for ITC building JP to make sure RiRas is available
Jonathan mentioned doing more social events Kelly to add John Vu and Jason Smith to board list.

Shane will be at SecureWorld

JP mentioned he can not make SecureWorld.

Jonathan will be there with Fishnet.  No one else from the board showed interest in going.

Zack asked about UNCC students attending SecureWorld - Shane stated ISSA membership is $30 for students.

Kelly mentioned he may attend SecureWorld if needed but wanted to attend IT hot topics.

Jonathan to see if Mobile Iron will still sponsor
Jason Smith is interested in helping out and attended our meeting - Welcome Jason!!  
Bill Hawk from Stalwart was a no show.  Stated he wanted to be more involved.  
Dave K to get back with a date that works for him.